Thursday, October 20, 2011

Not looking good

This is my first post to "Banner18?" since the lockout began in June. Hope you're all doing well, and getting through this BS as best you all can. A few minutes ago, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports tweeted some pretty discouraging news:

"Negotiations have broken-off in New York and no new meetings are scheduled, league source tells Yahoo sports."

He then followed that up with this one:

"Talks on a 50-50 BRI split broke down, and labor talks have ended, source tells Y! No new meetings scheduled. Huge setback in this lockout."

I'm not sure what to think right now. This lockout has taught me some interesting things about myself, my fellow bloggers and the business-side of the NBA. I honestly feel like just deleting my Twitter, Facebook and other social-media and basically shutting-it down. I also have seriously thought of never attending another NBA game, or buying any NBA merchandise again-as have some other fans I've talked to. But for now, I just wait. And wait. And wait some more- just like we all are doing. I must say that right now, I have very little hope for a 2011-12 NBA season happening..