Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Camp: Day 2

Long day today-for me, not the Celtics! Just kidding. But seriously, I am exhausted from a very busy week at work so far, so this will be a short post. Doc let KG go for the whole day today-as opposed to "75%" yesterday. That is great news. The other little tidbit I heard on CSN today was that Rondo worked with retired NBA'er and great-shooter Mark Price over the summer. Rondo turned to Price for help with his jumper. Mark Price was a phenomenal shooter that spent most of his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Here are some pics from today's session at Salve Regina via NBA/Getty Images. Goodnite Celtics fans...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's ON.

The Celtics opened up training camp today at Salve Regina University outside Newport, R.I. This is an exciting day for me, and Celtics fans all over the world! How does KG look? What kind of kicks is Ray wearing? Is Pierce in good shape? How are 'Sheed and Perk meshing..? These are some of the things that were going through my mind today. I have compiled some clips from camp today (via YouTube/Celtics) and some pictures from yesterday's Media Day. Enjoy! Welcome back Celtics...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Definition of a beast...

From one of my favorite sites, Be sure to go and check them out. Here is a short clip they shot of KG today. More Media Day stuff on their site..

Hello, photo - Celtics Blog -

Hello, photo - Celtics Blog -

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Celtics Media Day..

Celtics held their annual Media Day today. The best quote/thing that I heard coming out of Waltham today was that KG is cleared to participate in all basketball activities. Everything else as far as I'm concerned means nothing. I won't bore you with the "blank banner" pic that is posted on every Tom, Dick and Harry's blog right now, but I do have a pic (via of Kevin Garnett in uniform. Pretty exciting when you consider that we haven't seen him in uniform for a longgggg time. I also saw a quick piece CSN did on him. He spoke w/Gary Tanguay very quickly and seemed like the usual slightly intense, slightly comical KG. Tomorrow training camp starts-the Celtics will be at Salve Regina university in Rhode Island again this year. will also be televising and live-streaming Celtics camp this Saturday. See for details..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Almost there..

The Celtics' off season will officially be over in less than 48 hours. Tomorrow, the Celts hold their annual Media Day, and then Tuesday training camp officially opens. My last memory of last season was watching us lose to the Orlando Magic in Game 7 of the EC semis. I specifically remember watching Paul Pierce, looking absolutely drained, walk down the stairs of the Garden towards the player's parking lot. As usual, he was flanked by BPD and Phil Lynch, C's director of security. I turned to him and said "have a good summer P." Exhausted as he was, he took a second to say "thanks." That night Dwight Howard and Orlando beat us 101-82 to end our season. We now have a clean slate and will make another run at Banner 18. This is a very exciting time for us Celtics fans. Over the summer, we added, Marquis Daniels, Rasheed Wallace, Shelden Williams and Lester Hudson (via the draft). Together with the nucleus of last year's team, I believe we have a legitimate shot at winning it all. But I think one thing, more than these acquisitions, is on Celtics fans' mind: will KG be back at full strength? It is a touchy subject. I have heard everything from "his injury is worse than we think" to "if it was that bad, the Celtics wouldn't be letting him workout." The one thing that I have found a bit unnerving is that he still hasn't played actual bball yet. Meaning, from what I've read, he is not cleared to actually participate in "live basketball." The C's seem ultra-paranoid about his health, but I can see why. KG is the heart and soul of this team. He brings defense, rebounding, scoring, intensity, gets the crowd into the game and many more tangible and intangible pluses to our team. It will be very interesting (and a little nerve wracking)to see just what type of drills Doc and Danny let KG partake in over this 1st week or so of training camp. I also believe just for the mere fact of 'Sheed coming on board and fans' curiosity on how KG will bounce back that this preseason will draw alot more attention from fans and media. I will be going to the 1st preseason game at the Garden (10/9/09) and can't wait! Hope to have some pics/stories from media day tomorrow night.

Friday, September 25, 2009


KWAPT has become my Twitter screename/nickname. John, from actually came up with it as an acronym for my RedsArmy moniker: "Kobe Wears A Purple Thong." A girl that I exchange Tweets with from Japan Tweeted me an absolutely incredible picture today. It is a drawing of me, with the name "KWAPT" in the background. I was amazed by how great this drawing is. Check it out for yourself. Thank you to @Gosogosogongon for this awesome portrait!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

If you want puppy dogs, follow Myley Cyrus...

The Twitter craze has brought athletes "closer" to us than ever. Some athletes have even taken it up another notch by using "UStream" to film themselves at home, etc and broadcast it over the internet. In the last 24 hours, there was a situation where new Boston Celtic (YES!) Marquis Daniels was jokingly Tweeting about breeding dogs. One of his more gullible followers took it out of proportion and then went on to make a total ass of himself by making a comment about Marquis possibly liking "birds." Long story short, this nonsense made's TrueHoops section and was BLOWN-UP and it really shouldn't have been. I personally think this was just posted to try and gain readership. My point is this-we are fortunate that these athletes are letting us into their lives and sharing them with us. Let's just appreciate this fact and leave it at that. Granted, if someone is Tweeting about really inappropriate things or being disrespectful, then hey, maybe they should be confronted. But this was NOT the case with Marquis and in the time that I've been following him, that has NEVER been the case. Marquis has personally responded to many of my Tweets-matter of fact, Marquis has responded to more of my Tweets than any of the other NBA'ers/Celtics on Twitter. From what I see, he is a very lighthearted, family-orientated, down-to-earth guy. If athletes are Tweeting things that you don't like, then don't follow them. So from the Boston Celtic's fans that I know, we are sorry for the actions of this one fan Marquis. Welcome to Boston, and we are very glad to have you!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Clutch performers..

With NBA training camp less than a week away, there has been some spirited banter on Twitter between fans, journalists, etc. One of the topics that has come up is who's hands would you want the ball in at the end of a tight game...? Names that I've seen thrown about are Dirk Nowitski, Carmelo Anthony etc. My personal choice, and I know I'm biased, is SugarRay. I have been a huge Ray Allen fan since his UConn days, and was so excited when I found out he was coming to Boston. As we get ready to embark on a new Celtics season, let's flashback to one of the most excitng moments of the last one. Ray Allen's amazing performance in Game 6 of that memorable playoff series vs the Chicago Bulls...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

AllProDrop live at Tabu in Orlando...

Here is a clip of AllProDrop and the Q6 Movement performing at Tabu nightclub in Orlando. The 1st two tracks I really dig: "In Love Wit Myself" and "Str8 Drop". Accompanying DROP onstage is none other than the newest Boston Celtic Marquis Daniels. The other tracks performed are "Swag For Sale" and "Rockin' My Chain". You can download the brand new mixtape DROP just posted online here:

You can also follow DROP on Twitter. He is under: ItzStr8Drop. I think DROP is very talented and has a certain swagger and personality that really attracts people to his persona. I feel he is really going to blow-up. Hip-hop today is watered-down in my opinion and if you don't have something that stands out and gets people's attention, you're not going to get far. DROP has that certain something.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keep an eye out for Zoe...

John, who is one-half of the creative force behind, needs our help. His beloved pooch "Zoe" has gone missing. If you live in the Foxboro, Ma area, or know anyone who does, keep an eye out (and help spread the word) for Zoe. Here is a picture. If you have seen this dog or know someone who has, please contact John at or call Foxboro police at 508-543-4343. You can also get in touch with John by Twitter- he is: @redsarmy, or by stopping by . Thank you!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

KG's new kicks...

As some of you know, I am a big fan of sneakers-especially Celtics player editions and Celtic "themed" kicks. Today I got a look at KG's new Adidas TS Commanders via KG has worn the Commander model for the last 3 years or so. This year's edition has a great look that includes small shamrocks with the number 5 in them. There is also a small "5" on the heel strap, and the sneaker is quite perforated for alot of breathing/ventilation. Foot Locker should be releasing them sometime in November of this year. In other kicks-related news, Ray Allen, who wears JordanBrand, was doing a sort of sneaker scavenger-hunt yesterday. He put a few pairs of Jordans that he had leftover from last year in his car and was driving around and hiding them in various locations. One of the locations was a school in Brookline not far from where I work! I was very tempted to tell my boss I had to step out for a moment, but I feared they would've been long gone by the time I got there. According to Ray, (via his Twitter page) he will be stashing more J's in the future. Twitter is amazing. It has truly revolutionized the way athletes can interact with their fans-and I love it! - DROP - In love wit myself

Another banger from AllProDrop aka DROP... - drop - in love wit myself

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Friday, September 11, 2009

"I made it Ma-top of the world!!!"

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009 - Drop - rockin my chain

AllProDrop "Rockin' My Chain".. - drop - rockin my chain

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Are we there yet!?

So the signing of Marquis finally happens. For a while there it seemed like it would never actually go down. Now most Celtic fans are wondering who will be our backup PG. If the season started now, we would use Eddie House and possibly Lester Hudson, and 'Quis as the 3rd PG option. I do not see Stephon Marbury realistically coming back, but then again, at the end of this season, I did not see Stephon Marbury eating Vaseline in front of 200 people live on the Internet either. I really miss the Celtics and can't wait for the season to start. My last memory of the Garden is the loss to Orlando in Game 7 of the Eastern semis. This is a short clip I shot that night of Rondo leaving the arena for the final time of the 2008-09 season. You will also notice Ray Allen's oldest daughter running up the escalator after retrieving a pinwheel that Ray's son Walker had dropped...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Daniels official

As expected, the Celtics signed Marquis Daniels officially yesterday. He will wear #7 for the Celtics this season. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I have been working alot of hours....