Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nate does not stop....

So one of the funniest things that's been going on w/the C's this preseason is Nate pranking Shaq. Constantly. It seems every time I'm on Twitter, another clip pops up of Nate (and accomplice The Truth) bothering Shaq. Today's latest: a barrage of grapes and a posterizing "sneak-dunk" at practice. Enjoy those clips and also a more serious Nate telling Greg Dickerson how much he learned during last year's Finals run and how the chemistry of this year's squad is already very tight...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 2-Celtics training camp...

I came home from work to find more great video over at Chris Forsberg's YouTube channel. Here's a short clip of Marquis, Ray and others doing some conditioning drills and also a few interviews on how camp's going featuring Quisy, The Truth, Shaq and Doc:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Definition of a Beast....

Beef Stallone from one of my favorite websites, PerkIsABeast , had a chance to ask Delonte (and a very special guest) what his definition of a beast is:

1st day of camp is in the books....

Today, Doc Rivers began 2010-11 Celtics training camp with a 3-hour session. He told reporters that Shaq looked good, KG looks in great shape, but all in all the team is not "in Celtics shape." He said that the focus will be on conditioning. It's obvious to me that conditioning and health will be key issues for a team whose core players (90% of them at least) are all over 30. Here are some pics (from Yahoo Sports) and video (thanks Chris Forsberg) of today's first workout at Salve Regina: (including KG dropping some profanity..)

Camp starts...

The Celtics opened training camp today at Salve Regina University in Newport R.I. I briefly scanned Twitter while at work and found this short clip from ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg. More to come this evening....

Monday, September 27, 2010

All the video you can handle...

Finally! Some actual Celtics news. The GreenTeam held their annual Media Day over in Waltham this afternoon. I personally did not read/see too much today due to an extremely hectic day at work. But as usual, ESPN's Chris Forsberg has us covered! Here are a gaggle of clips from today featuring Marquis Daniels, Perk, Shaq, Ticket and of course D.West. There's a common theme here folks: Banner 18. Each and every guy on this squad is ready to do what they can to help the franchise raise another championship flag to the rafters. You can see the rest of the clips from Media Day on Chris' YouTube page: ESPNBostonYouTube

Friday, September 24, 2010

One of the greatest comebacks ever...

Celtics training camp is only 3 days away folks! This is an exciting time to be an NBA fan. As I was watching some interviews from the Shamrock Foundation's golf event, I came across a great video from my boy Jay-aka MrTripleDouble10. He was kind enough to post one of the all-time classic moments in Celtics playoff history-the final moments of the Game 3 comeback during the 2002 Eastern Conference Finals. What better way to satisfy your craving for some Celtics basketball. And to check out more from Jay, you can catch posts from him on my favorite C's website, REDSARMY. You can also follow Jay on Twitter here: MrTrpleDouble10.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thank you Scal...

So it wasn't a total surprise, but today the Boston Globe's Celtics blog reported that Brian Scalabrine will not be in green next year. He is following Tom Thibodeau to join a revamped Bulls team in Chicago. (click for story)
Scal has been many things while here in Boston-the butt of jokes, a cult hero, a mentor, but most of all, a true baller. Yeah, that's right, Scal was/is just a straight-up hoops junkie. He's a guy who loves the game. He works hard in practice, warm-ups, and of course during games. I got to alot games early over the years, and Scal was always one of the 1st guys out there. Either doing conditioning drills w/Brian Doo, or playing his nightly game of one-on-one with Rondo. Scal was out there. So pour a little out for Scal tonight-as Celtics fans we owe it to him. He gave it his all for us every time he stepped on that floor.

 I was trying to think of a good clip to post with this story and I found the perfect one. Here is Scal in one of his final moments as a Celtic, doing what we loved to watch him do-shut down one of the Lakers. Thank you Scal, and good luck in the future...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Truth gets shown some California love..

Paul Pierce had his jersey retired at Inglewood high-school this morning. P-Dub grew up and played his high-school ball in the shadow of L.A.'s Fabulous Forum. (Google it youngsters) It was a special moment for P according to his Tweets from earlier todayPierce'sTwitter  Here's some video courtesy of the L.A. Times:

Friday, September 17, 2010

Paul Pierce: "The Future Was Bright"..

Well, I didn't score any tickets today through the Celtics, and not too many of the people I spoke w/did either. I logged-on to my computer at about 10:57am, and at about 11:10am, I was told there were no opening night tickets available. A girl I work with told me that she got through via the web at 11:04 am and also got nada. So it looks like I'll have to look elsewhere for my opening night seat(s). Nevertheless, while I was at work, cursing my computer, Muscular Ghandi was busy making a new video...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Celtics tickets go on sale tomorrow...

Have your computers fired up and ready tomorrow morning. Celtics tickets go on sale at 11am EST. For those of you that won't have access to a computer, you can call 1-800-4NBATIX. Or, if you want to brave the crowds at the Garden box office you best be there early! I personally will be at work, but I definitely plan on doing everything in my power to score tickets for Opening Night vs Miami. I have to say that with the exception of "BannerRaisingNight" 2 years ago, this is easily the most excited I've been for a home-opener. Most fans/friends that I have spoken with will be trying to score tickets to 2 games: Heat and Lakers. That is also my plan and I have no problem buying a single ticket to either or both games if that is my only option. I went to a decent amount of games solo last season and always had a good time. The Garden is truly like one big family and I never feel lonely there

So wish me luck on my mission tomorrow morning, and of course I hope all of you get to purchase some tickets as well. Feel free to leave any stories from tomorrow's ticket-hunt in the comments section-I'm very interested to hear how other folks make out. Here is a link to the 2010-11 Boston Celtics schedule for those of you who'd like to pick-out some games to try for. Good luck!! Celts2010-11

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ray of sunshine will be missed - The Boston Globe

Fishing w/The Beast
Always focused and intense on the floor
Superb story by the Boston Globe's Julian Benbow on Clifford Ray. It won't be the same looking over to that
Boston bench and not seeing Clifford sitting behind it. This is a guy who knows everyone, and is admired by everyone.

We're going to miss you Big Cliff-thanks for all that you've done for Boston and the Celtics over the years. Click the link below to read this great piece over at

DROP: "Head Up Chest Out" video

Occasionally I like to post music on my site. Today, I'm featuring a new video from Orlando based lyricist "Drop". I started listening to Drop's music about a year ago, and I've liked it right from the jump. His songs talk about his real life issues, problems and triumphs. If you did not catch the mixtape he did with Marquis Daniels last year, be sure to go and get "Brotha From Anotha..." too-I was blasting that all day everyday last summer. You can download it here: DROP/Q6 . Follow Drop on Twitter for updates on his music, videos and more: IAMDROP.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Best of Celtics Late Night Show callers...

Tonight, my boys over at Celtics Late Night Show had a "Best of CLNS Callers" feature.
The audio below includes some hilarious and heartfelt commentary from hosts Nick and Brandon, and many, many others. Including, myself, (KWAPT) Aztec Gino, Natalie from, Matt Rury and of course, The Scotsman. The clip begins with CLNS's first ever "crank-caller". So listen below and be sure to check out for full show archives and a new, live show every Monday at 9pm.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

E.Conference preview with Buckscast and Audley Stephenson...

I was invited by Dakota Schmidt of the "Buckscast" podcast to join them for their Eastern Conference preview this week. I accepted right away as it's always my pleasure to get together & talk hoops with other bloggers and/or fans. We ran down the entire conference, worst to first based on last year's records/finishes. This was alot of fun and I was quite impressed by the amount of basketball knowledge exhibited by Chuck and Dakota from Buckscast and Audley from The NBA Breakdown. So enjoy this marathon of a podcast-it's funny, entertaining, informative and long-very long. And please be sure to follow my co-bloggers on Twitter. You can find their Twitter pages by clicking on their names:  Audley Stephenson  Dakota Schmidt Chuck Schilling 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Shaq shirt

Here's a cool new design my friends from TheBostonSportsCompany have been selling. You can cop these outside the Garden or Fenway:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shaq: The Heat years...

What the hell is up CelticsNation? As the season gets closer and closer, I get more & more excited. Celtics tickets go on sale in 9 days folks! I thought that I was going to become a season-ticket holder this year, but my bank had other ideas. But that's ok-because I will still be at every game I can-no matter what. Enough of my rants though...the real reason I'm posting tonight is to highlight another great mash-up of hoops and hip-hop from my main man MuscularGhandi. This one features Shaq during his time w/the Heat, and includes some vicious dunks & rejections on the likes of Chris Kaman, Darius Miles and more. Enjoy...(song lyrics are NSFW)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Talking NBA with @A_E_M and @GinosJungle .....

Had a great time tonight being an impromptu guest on "Talking Tar". Talking Tar is a live internet-radio show done by Alex aka @A_E_M on Twitter. Alex is a big North Carolina fan and someone I met through listening to Celtics Late Night Show. My good friend Brandon from CLNS was a guest on Tar Talk tonight, and I called in and ended up having a great conversation with he and Alex. We talk about everything from Shaq, to Lebron to what will be the biggest surprise of the 2010-11 NBA season. it comes...Brandon and I even give Kobe some props. So give it a listen and be sure to check out Brandon's site here: Gino'sJungle and follow Alex on Twitter here: A_E_M
I logged-on to Twitter for a moment during my lunch break to read that the Celtics were bringing back Delonte West. Delonte has been in the spotlight mostly for negative reasons the last year or so, but I know that he is still a good ballplayer. He will bring speed, athleticism and excitement to our bench. Not to mention the fact that he was already a fan favorite during his first tour of duty in the 617, so he will definitely be welcomed-back by fans. Ok-have to get back to work. But enjoy this short clip of DWest's 2009-10 season highlights. Oh, and if you haven't already seen his classic drive-thru video, search "Delonte West chicken rap" on YouTube...