Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thanks fellas.

Q6                                      Nate the Great
"Get that sh*t outta here."
Thanks fellas. Won't be the same without you in Celtics green. Godspeed.

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  1. I personally think Ainge has lost his mind. Reading the papers & blogs, you would think Jeff Green has turned into an all-star in the past few days. I've watched the guy alot and I dont see anything other than a mildly talented guy, who on a good team, will spend most of his career on the bench. The biggest myth though, is that he's some kind of excellent defender. OKC didnt want him back next year, they never even picked up his 4th year.

    I totally understand that management didnt want Perk back at 8-10 mil a year, which is the going rate for even a mediocre center. What's the rush to get rid of him? They could have gotten Pierce a b/u without trading Perk. They could have waited, won it all, and done a sign and trade with Perk this summer. They could have even gotten Jeff Green this summer if he's the guy they really want. That trade was a joke, Danny got fleeced!

    The other thing that makes me sick is this talk of "2012 and Dwight Howard". There's so few chances to win a championship, and this is one of the last years this group will be able to compete....I couldt care less about next year right now. They just went from the best roster in the NBA to something that resembles an older version of Miami only with Rondo.

    While I'm ranting, Troy Murphy sucks. I'd honestly rather have Sheed. Sheed brings more to the table with his defense. I read today Troy is a "great below the rim rebounder". That's not a skill they need.

    I also cant help but think that after all this, Doc may want to leave us after this year is over. After all his talk about our "starting 5" I cant imagine he's on board with this.

    I'm still a huge C's fan of course, just an injured one. I honestly feel like Ainge just pissed away a championship that was practically in the bag. Could they still win it? Possibly. But they're not as good as they were afew days ago, and all the Jeff Green or troy Murphy launched 3's aint gonna change that.

    Thanks for everything KWAPT, hope you're well.