Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is it in them?

"Get off me."
C's fall in Miami again tonight, this time DWade and Lebron's combined 63 leads Heat to a 102-91 win. In my opinion, the Celts did not get big stops when needed tonight. Too much trading of baskets. Pierce going down with the foot strain was tough as he never got in a rhythm. He only tallied 13 points, and his partner-in-crime Ray Allen only mustered 7. The Heat did a good job swarming Ray-Ray and denying him the ball. Kevin Garnett pretty much kept Boston close most of the game. His 16 were 2nd only to Rondo's 20.

The C's did not seem fluid on offense, and despite some spurts, they did not move the ball very well. The bench played much better, as DWest, Baby and Jeff Green combined for 27 to Miami's reserves' 12 points.

So now it comes down to protecting the home court. Can Boston go back home and win 2 to even this up and stop the bleeding? I believe I know they can. It's just a matter of executing, defending and playing Celtics basketball. That building is going to be rocking this Saturday night, and the fans will do what they can. Let's hope the team responds as well. We have been through too much this season to let it end without a fight. Game 3 at the TD Garden will tip-off at 8pm on Saturday. I don't have a ticket yet, but I'll do whatever I can to be there. Be sure to read Chuck's recap over at Red's Army for more- including a link to the boxscore.

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  1. James and Wade looked great. C's looked inferior. Pierce and Allen can't defend James and Wade. Garnett played well in spots, but so did Bosh. Rondo should have a big advantage in this series but is acting like a baby. Green made some shots but can't cover anybody. Davis can't finish. Doesn't look good C's fans.