Friday, March 25, 2011


Celtics lose again at home-this time to the lowly Bobcats. 'Cats 83 Celts 81

Has anyone seen the Celtics?

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  1. After Wed's game I realized the 2 I saw this year, OKC and Mem were games where the other team's best player was out (KD and RGay) and the C's got outplayed, outhustled, outmanned in the paint; ALL NIGHT LONG. I felt like bustin into the f***in locker room and been like "hey, shitbum, I wanna get a refund. Nobody should have to pay $100 or more to see a bunch of entitled motherfuckas ball". Wed night's game reminded me of the Celtics of 2004-2005. I saw them play Philly and it was the same shit: Get down in the first, comeback bfore the half, lose it all and down again to start the 4th, busted play in the last 3 minutes and a BIG FAT F****N LOSS. I felt like that Wed. There is no reason for the C's to lose to any of their last 4 losses. Thank you DOC RIVERS, who sees it too, for calling out this selfish team