Friday, March 18, 2011


Another night where the Celts just weren't clicking. Tonight they fall in Houston in an ugly loss, 93-77.I just had a discussion with other C's fans on Twitter. Some are pretty despondent. Now I know things looked really terrible tonight, but this team still is in the midst of feeling each other out and waiting for Shaq (amongst others) to return from injury. When Danny pulled the trigger on that trade, and brought other new faces in this late in the year, that's the risk he took. But I personally don't think it's time to press the panic-button yet.

Don't get me wrong-I'm concerned with the same issues all of us are: Rondo's struggles, the teams' lack of effort/energy tonight and whether or not Shaq will come back in time to be ready for the playoffs. But there is one thing I do know about the C's-the core group of players and coaching staff have been through adversity before. We saw this same situation during the regular-season last year. Now granted, last year there was not such a huge shift in chemistry. But I still feel that once these guys get on the same page, get their injured-players back in action and get into the playoffs, they will be a title contender.

I hope no one took my comments on Twitter to heart tonight. If anything, seeing my fellow Celtics fans discouraged bothers me because they are like family. Celtics fans are like no other fans in the world. We are an emotional, stubborn and loyal lot. And I hate seeing my Celtics fam down. So stay positive CelticNation. I know we all hate this cliche, but is so true: playoff time is it when it really matters.

C's have very little time to dwell on this embarrassing loss. They are right back at it in New Orleans tomorrow to face the Hornets. Tip-off is at 8pm EST.

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