Monday, August 10, 2009

Say it ain't so Powe!??!!

The Celtics made Big Baby and Shelden Williams official today during a press conference. But the real news that has Celtics fans all a-Twitter today is that good friend Leon Powe will be joining Shaq, Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yahoo sports reports that the Cavaliers' team doctors will evaluate Leon's knee and his recovery process as soon as tomorrow. If they are satisfied with his progress, the Cavs will sign him to a 2-year deal for the league minimum. Leon was a huge crowd favorite while here in Boston, and it was easy to love the guy. He plays with alot of heart and often times would bring the crowd to their feet with his hustle plays and in your face dunks. Leon has gone through quite a bit in his young life. As a child, his dad left him, his house burned down, he and his siblings lived in foster care and his mother passed away. This information was revealed to fans during a halftime feature of the NBA Finals in 2008. Fans who already liked or admired Leon at that point just embraced him more. He is a strong person and will do very well wherever he goes. So good luck Leon and Godspeed. You will truly be missed by me and many other Boston fans, but NEVER forgotten....*Here is Leon's most memorable moment as a Celtic. I was lucky enough to be at this game and it was just incredible*

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