Saturday, August 1, 2009

Top dunks of last season, the mods...

To kill time until the next Celtics transaction, (hopefully the signing of Marquis Daniels) enjoy the top 25 dunks of the 2008-09 NBA season. Our boy Bill Walker has a nasty one on Brad Miller that made the cut... So I keep hoping to tune into Starbury TV and see something different, but it still just seems to be his forum to dance with his shirt off and do not much of anything else lately. They have also added "Mods" or moderators. They are supposed to keep profane language and other internet imperfections off the site and out of the chat room. But I have found them to be a bit controlling and arrogant. I made a comment earlier that Steph should really "knock this crap off and focus back on bball" and was banished from the room/site temporarily. Hopefully if the Celtics come a calling again, he will pull it together and be our backup PG successfully. Well, it's 3:45am EST-goodnite Celtics fans all over the world....


  1. Hey J, Damn that's crazy that they would "86" you like that. Especially when Steph is constantly saying keep it 100. In other words, don't sugar coat shit, let him know how it really is. I honestly stopped watching it cause I don not want to see him acting a fool 1/2 naked. He's much better than that. The mods don't know it, but there's fans out there who are like want to see him playing and don't want to see this negative side of him. Then there's the clowns who are like "hey Steph, eat more vaseline". Of course the mods let them stay thinking its funny. I had friends from Alaska, Hawaii, Washington state tuning in to see a Celtic player.....that's not what they wanted to see. Keep that 100!!
    $%^& when is preseason starting!! I'm watching your slideshow and it brings back memories!!!

  2. I know! We had a great time last year. Let's hope this year ends with a parade. I peek in at the Marbury site occaisionally, but it's really depressing now. Hopefully he snaps out of it if the Celtics give him a call asking him to come back this year. I think that would actually be the best thing to get him out of this funk..