Sunday, August 29, 2010

CLNS survey....

I started interacting with the guys from the Celtics Late Night Show about a year ago. They did what not many folks can-started up a new Celtics podcast/call-in show and were successful. Anyone who spends time on the 'net knows that sports blogs are everywhere and there are hundreds of Boston Celtics websites. CLNS came on the scene with a massive amount of energy and determination. They used every social-media aspect available to promote their show, and it's paid off. They are now one of the best and most popular Celtics podcasts/call-in shows around. I listen to them whenever I can and also love to call-in and interact with the hosts, Nick and Brandon. They have asked me to help them promote a quick survey for their listeners. Please use this link to complete the short survey: CLNS survey And be sure to check them out sometime. They have a great show. You can find out when the next show is and listen to past shows here: CelticsLateNightShow

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