Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Midsummer buzz.....

CelticsNation is all abuzz tonight over the NBA's releasing of some scheduling highlights and the recent Shaq to Boston rumors. I just got in from work and caught the end of NBATV's "special", where it was announced the C's would play on Christmas as well as MLK Day this coming season. But the big news of the day was finding out that the C's will open the season at the Garden vs Lebron, DWade and the Miami Heat.  Opening Night at the Garden is always a fun night, but this...this is going to be OFF THE HOOK! I cannot wait to watch these two teams go head-to-head, and also to boo the hell out of The Queen. Should be alot of fun. Opening Night at the Garden will take place on October 26th, with an 8pm tip-off on TNT. Here is the complete list of NBA games that were announced tonight via ESPN's Marc Stein: NBA marquee games 2010-11. Marc Stein is a great source for NBA news/info and can be followed on Twitter here: MarcStein-Twitter.

The Other big news of the day has been developing over the last few hours. As I was getting ready to leave work, I checked out Twitter real quick. The Shaq to Boston tweets were just out of control. It seemed like it was really going to happen. I personally thought that it was a dead issue, as the C's just didn't have enough room left under the salary-cap. But then the term "veteran-minimum" appeared, and low and behold, I started to think, "wow-is Shaq really going be to a Celtic..?" So as I type this entry, it seems now that Shaq will indeed be coming to town, and probably for 2 years! Who'd have thunk it? Stay tuned. If and when this becomes official, I'll post it here.

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