Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thank you Scal...

So it wasn't a total surprise, but today the Boston Globe's Celtics blog reported that Brian Scalabrine will not be in green next year. He is following Tom Thibodeau to join a revamped Bulls team in Chicago. (click for story)
Scal has been many things while here in Boston-the butt of jokes, a cult hero, a mentor, but most of all, a true baller. Yeah, that's right, Scal was/is just a straight-up hoops junkie. He's a guy who loves the game. He works hard in practice, warm-ups, and of course during games. I got to alot games early over the years, and Scal was always one of the 1st guys out there. Either doing conditioning drills w/Brian Doo, or playing his nightly game of one-on-one with Rondo. Scal was out there. So pour a little out for Scal tonight-as Celtics fans we owe it to him. He gave it his all for us every time he stepped on that floor.

 I was trying to think of a good clip to post with this story and I found the perfect one. Here is Scal in one of his final moments as a Celtic, doing what we loved to watch him do-shut down one of the Lakers. Thank you Scal, and good luck in the future...

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  1. And that's all I want to see of that game.