Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All the way turned-up..

C's started off slow & sloppy tonight, but quickly got it together to pummel the Cavs in Cleveland 106-87. The C's came out of the gate looking a bit rusty, and the Cavs looked to be full of energy. But whatever Doc said to the guys after the end of the 1st worked.

The Celts played lock-down defense, and quickly set the tone for the rest of the night. Led by Paul Pierce's 3, (and 11 points) the Celtics finished with 8 blocked-shots and held the Cavs to 39% from the field. The Celts meanwhile nailed 50% of their shots.

Rajon Rondo scored a season-high 23 points, most of them on blow-by layups that had the Cavaliers swatting at air all night. Marquis Daniels tied his highest point total as a Celtic with 16 and played great defense once again. Nate put in 8 and Big Baby dropped 17 in another fine effort from the bench.

C's now fly back to Boston and face the Blazers tomorrow at TD Garden. The Blazers will also be playing for the 2nd time in 2 nights. I will be at the Garden tomorrow night for the game, which will tip-off at 7:30pm.

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