Friday, November 12, 2010

Live videochat w/KWAPT Saturday at 5pm EST...

Nick Gelso aka "The SwagMaster"
KWAPT aka "Kobe Wears A Purple Thong"

Join me at 5pm EST tomorrow evening for a live UStream session. I'll be joined by Nick Gelso from North Station Sports and we'll be talking everything Celtics. I did a few live UStream broadcasts last season, and they were all a very fun time.

You can get a UStream account very easily by logging-on to We'll be taking your calls, chatting and discussing the latest Celtics news and happenings-including: last night's huge win over Miami, tomorrow's road-trip finale against the Grizz and upcoming homegames against John Wall and the Wiz & Kevin Durant's OKC Thunder. I really hope you'll all join us. The more the merrier! So log-on by using the following link tomorrow evening at 5pm: KWAPT Live!

1 comment:

  1. Greart idea Kwapt! I have a function to attend otherwise I would have called in!!
    Banner 18 will not be a dream anymore for you and all of our fans!!