Friday, December 26, 2008

The Morning After

One of the guys in the office next to mine has his bright yellow Lakers hat on today. He is all smiles and rubbing it in to his co-workers. It kind of reminds me of when the Sox were in their "futile" stage and would constantly choke against the Yanks. When the Sox would win a regular season game against them, we would all feel like we won the World Series. Yankees fans probably looked at us like, "yeah, but they can't beat us when it counts.." There were some reports in the Herald today & on's Celtics blog that Ray and Rondo were seen arguing. There was also supposedly some bickering amongst the players on the floor. I personally don't recall seeing this, but I do think they were a little out of sorts. Pierce didn't take the ball to the hoop as much I would've liked, and the Lakers seemed to just be hustling more.

Other than that, nothing else jumps out. We had more points in the paint and more rebounds. Their bench did out score ours, but only 10-7. Knowing Doc and the C's, they'll adjust, move on and continue this on Feb 5th. The Jungle will be rockin'-I guarrantee it. Celts and Warriors tip-off at 10:30pm tonight...

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