Wednesday, December 31, 2008

C's lose..

Celtics lose tonight to Portland. Final score 91-86. Lamarcus Aldridge was huge tonight with 20 pts and 7 boards. He hit 5/7 fg's for 10 pts in the 4th. It seemed to me there was some more sloppy play tonight. Some risky crosscourt passes and Garnett was a little to chippy towards the end of the game. He elbowed Aldridge who retaliated with a slap to the back of KG's dome. Luckily the ref gave them both techs. Speaking of the refs, in the 2nd quarter, Portland had 6 men on the court and scored a basket. The refs let the points count and Doc was furious. (can't blame him) There were also some other missed calls. Bottom line, with Brandon Roy out, Oden, Aldridge and Steve Blake stepped up and took one at home. Celts go 1-3 on the West coast trip. They return home and next play Friday against the Washington Wizards at the Garden.

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