Monday, December 29, 2008

Oden out tomorrow..?

Read a report this afternoon on's site that Greg Oden landed on a teammate's foot in practice today. It stated that he has a sprained ankle and is day-to-day. My personal opinion is this: I want to see the Celts win like any other fan. However it's hard to really "hope" for Oden to be hurt. Granted, if he's out tomorrow it helps our chances, but I was at the 1st Portland game and he was pretty much a non-factor. From what I've seen from him in the media and on the court, he seems like a decent guy. A little goofy maybe, but not a bad guy. There are some guys when you hear they are injured you think..NICE! Like either of the Sashas: Pavlovic or Vujacic-those guys both hit some big shots, and are just plain annoying as hell. Another one is Andres Nocioni-same deal. I just don't put Oden in that category. Brandon Roy is also questionable for that game with a hamstring issue. I would prefer he be out if it was between he and Oden. I didn't hear any news today on the big man front. Same names being thrown around; Joe Smith, Mutumbo, etc....

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