Thursday, December 18, 2008

Welcome to Banner 18

Hello everyone. My name is Jamey Burke. I am a 30 something Celtic's fan from Boston. I have started this blog to record an average (maybe a little obsessed)fan's following of the Boston Celtic's quest for Banner 18. I attend a few games a month, thanks to my sister who has a half season plan, and me buying other games occaisionally. Feel free to comment if you like the Celts, hate them, don't care, whatever! I am open to all opinions-it makes things more interesting. So last night, KG came up big in the 4th with some clutch shots, and Kendrick Perkins, aka "Beast" had a huge block when it counted. The streak is now at 16, and the franchise record is 18. The next 2 games are against the Bulls and Knicks, so fair to say we have an excellent chance to tie it. If so, we could break it on 12/23 vs Philly. My sister and I will be at that game so I'll try to post some decent pics. The purpose of this blog is to post my thoughts and experiences pertaining to the Green's quest for another title, and to get feedback from all different sides. Enjoy and more to come....

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