Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The 3 Perks...

On Friday evening,I had a chance to meet Kenneth Perkins, father of Kendrick Perkins and proud grandfather of Kendrick Perkins II aka Little Perk. What a classy guy. He did not know me from jack, but Mr. Perkins chatted with me like he knew me all my life. Mr. Perkins is the epitome of a proud parent-and he should be with the success of Perk so far during his NBA career. Before the NBA, Perk's Dad had plenty to cheer about as Perk led Clifton J.Ozen high school in Beaumont, Texas to 4 straight district championships and 1 state championship. In his senior year, he led them to a 33-1 record, their only loss being in the state title game. Kenneth Perkins was also quite the baller, playing professionally in New Zealand and Europe. Here is a pic of "The 3 Perks" taken last year after the Celtics won Banner 17. And notice Little Perk's infatuation with the O'Brien trophy-that could be a good sign of things to come! Thank you to Corey for the picture, and perkisabeast.com and wikipedia for some of the background info.