Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Unlucky since Lucky's firing....

Lucky was fired 1/30/09. Was this in turn bad luck for the Celtics..? Since Lucky (Damon Blust) was fired, we've had numerous injuries, Tony Allen hurts thumb on 2/10/09, KG goes down 2/19/09, Scal suffers numerous head/neck injuries just days before and is announced he's "out indefinitely" on 2/1/09. Then we also had losses to the Spurs and Lakers at home, terrible loss to the Clippers in L.A., Gabe Pruitt arrested for suspicion of DUI..I don't know-maybe we need to bring Lucky back...


  1. these are some hard times for the Celts, hope everything gets back on track by playoff time, that way they can get another banner in the rafters.

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