Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lack of motivation..?

Celtics drop their 2nd game of the season tonight to the Hawks, 97-86 at the Garden tonight. Here are my observations:(watched on TV) At times, Celts were late getting back on D, Hawks were WAY more active on the glass, we shot an atrocious 1 of 15 from beyond the arc, and at times, we simply did not seem motivated. I called in to CSL tonight and spoke on these observations. The consensus between myself and the show's hosts was that the Celts just were not up for this game-or at least didn't seem to be. I am not here to bash the Celts, I am just stating what I saw as the reason(s) why we lost tonight. I noticed guys standing around underneath a bit, and also guys complaining to the refs when they probably should've been getting back on defense. Most of the current players on the C's roster have won a championship, have had multiple All-Star selections, won awards on many different levels of bball etc etc. It just appeared to me that tonight the Celts rested on their laurels. I am not concerned at this point in time. If this type of stuff is still going on as the season progresses however, then I can see it being a serious problem. Nevertheless, a very disappointing night at the Garden and on couches and recliners across CelticsNation. Next up, the Indiana Pacers at Conseco Fieldhouse. It will be Marquis Daniels' return to his old stomping grounds. Tip-off tonight is at 7pm.

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