Saturday, April 3, 2010


I'm tired of these press conferences. It pains me to watch Ticket and P-Dub like this. The Celtics have much better ball in them then they are showing. I'm not quite sure what the answer is. I know we got killed on the boards tonight and that the Rockets seemed to get layups/dunks too easy. But their is much more to it than that in my eyes. This team is too good and too talented to be losing like this. I hope my dudes will find the answer before the playoffs. Oh yeah, there was a game tonight also. Brooks, Scola and Buddinger combine for 81 points and the C's lose to the Rockets 119-114 in OT. Celts are now off until Sunday when they face the Cavs. Tip-off is at 1pm. Did I mention I'm tired of leaving the Garden feeling like I got kicked in the gut?
(video courtesy of Chris Forsberg)

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