Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Game..what game?

KG was led off the floor by Ed LaCerte after somehow injuring his right leg in the 1st quarter of tonight's game vs the Pistons. There's no way that any of us in CelticNation could've remained focused on the rest of the game after that. If you care, the C's turned the ball over 20+ times and lost to Detroit. Here's the boxscore.

Ticket went up pretty hard for a pass from Ray Allen, dunked it, and then grimaced in pain before letting go of the rim. When he landed, he jogged up the floor until he could get a stoppage in play. He then limped over to the Celtics bench area. He then sat on the bench for quite a while, with an agonized look on his face. Finally, he hobbled off the floor with the C's trainer.

A short while later, (that felt like 5 years to C's fans) the Celtics announced that the x-rays were negative, which rules out a break or fracture. Multiple media-outlets are reporting that: A) It is not a knee injury-it's a "lower-leg injury" and B)That a Celtics player was quoted as saying it was "worse than it looked." KG obviously did not play in anymore of tonight's game, and will have an MRI back in Boston tomorrow.

My personal opinion is that it is a strain of his right calf. When players go up for a dunk, they put alot of pressure on their calves by pushing off for lift. That is how they propel themselves up in the air. I noticed that when KG went up for that dunk, he really pushed-off with alot of effort. Tomorrow will be a long day for us as Celtics fans. We will simply have to wait, and hope.


  1. I heard Danny on WEEI today and I'm still on pins and needles over this. Strange injury for sure though. I think this is getting blown up bigger than it prob. is because of the way it was handled last time. I really hope he can bounce back, because with him, this team has a good chance to go all the way. Even without him, they're still the best team in the East, but to get by either SA or LA, we need a reasonably healthy KG. Have a happy/safe NYE Jamie.

  2. Thanks Lee-hope 2011 is a great one for you, and thx for always reading and commenting here and at Reds.