Thursday, December 23, 2010

We shall overcome..

"Swear to GOD those refs were straight CHUMPS man.."
Going to be a short post tonight. I'm exhausted from yelling at the refs at the Garden all night. Listen, I am not one to blame and attack the refs, but tonight...tonight was awful. Phantom calls, blind calls and worst of all were the late calls. But the C's overcome both the refs and some poor shooting to win #14 in a row tonight at the Garden-final score: 84-80. Ray Allen lead all scorers with 22.

This was just frustrating to watch. I actually got yelled at by TD Garden security for yelling "BULLSH*T" at the refs. Check out the full recap and box score from Chuck at

C's are now off until their showdown with the Magic on Christmas Day. Tip-off is at 2:30pm. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!
(video courtesy of ESPN Boston's C.Forsberg)


  1. Tommy went nuts on the refs, at one point he threatened to "blow up thier locker room"....(I'm not kidding). Seemed like a crazy game to be at. Aren't you on a first name basis with the Garden security?

    Have a great Christmas J!

  2. a great holiday Lee, and as always, thanks for reading and commenting.