Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

After last night's loss, my general feeling is disappointment. Not worry, not panic, just disappointment. I've noticed some stat geeks and wanna be coaches on other blogs/websites always want to tell Doc how to run the team. Or KG to play better D, etc, etc. People started comparing these guys to the Bulls teams of the 90's during the last win streak. Too much, too soon. I think they are a great team also, but I believe the next month and a half will give us a much clearer picture-we will see what these guys are made of. After the Wiz this Friday, we play Houston, we go into Cleveland, and also have home and home/back to back with Toronto. Then, in February, we get the Fakers again, then go on another West coast trip that is divided up by the All-Star break. We are on the road for 90% of February 2009. Ubuntu will be put to the ultimate test. I believe our guys have what it takes to repeat, they will just have to really work together and perhaps grab another big. Happy 2009 and goodnite Celtics fans. Enjoy the above pic I found on Yahoo's "Ball Don't Lie" blog.

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