Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Huge comeback at the Garden tonight powered by Starbury, Big Baby, Ray, Perk and more. 92-88 Celtics. Just got home from the game and some postgame activities. Here are a few pics and a clip of Paul Pierce leaving the Garden tonight. Have to get up for work in 4 hours. Thanks Corey for taking me to a great game! Goodnite C's fans....

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  1. I hate these close games....but what a comeback!!! Hopefully you're not too tired at work today....but that game was definitely worth it. Listening to D. Howards postgame interview, it sounds like Orlando is on the verge of a collapse. He does have a point though...with the Celtics limited big men....they should be pounding the ball into him more. Perk has done an excellent job defending Dwight this series though. I think for them to change their gameplan this late is going to come back and haunt them. At least I hope it does!!