Friday, May 1, 2009

Epic Battle..

The Celtics just could not put away the Bulls last night which means we will have a Game 7 tomorrow night at the Garden. Ray Allen had an absolutely SuperHuman night scoring a playoff career-high 51 points in a 128-127 loss to the Bulls last night at the United Center. This was the most amazing game I personally have ever watched. It looked for a moment the Celtics were going to eliminate the Bulls in regulation, but some missed shots by the C's and some clutch shooting by the Bulls ended those chances. That and a critical decision by referee Joey Crawford to rule a Ray Allen shot a 2 pointer instead of a 3. Multiple replays from different angles showed that it was just too close to call, but it did appear from one angle that Ray's toe was just barely across the line. There was no love lost between the two teams as Rondo and Kirk Heinrich got tangled up early on, Rondo receiving a flagrant 1 and Heinrich a technical. The Bulls seemed at one point to be hitting every shot they took, with John Salmons' 35 leading them. I could not stay seated during the overtimes. I paced, yelled, knelt, it was so tense. This series will go down as one of the best in NBA history. I am fortunate enough to be going tomorrow night. I will be screaming at the Bulls with everything I have. It's all or nothing baby. I will post some pictures and video here tomorrow after the game. That's if I have any energy left-tomorrow night will be a good one. Have a good day Celtics fans all over the world....


  1. I thought it would never end

  2. I'm still working on tickets for tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'll be there though.

    I still cannot believe that game. For any fan of the game, this is as good as they come. I have to admit, I never want to see another overtime game again!!

    So glad no punishment for Rondo. That bothered me all night. I just kept thinking of the Suns/Spurs matchup from a few seasons back when Robert Horry hard fouled Nash and several Suns players got suspended...ending their season.

    Its going to be a battle thats for sure!!

  3. Dude, totally jealous of you going. Bring us home man!