Friday, May 15, 2009

Rest In Peace Wayman...

Wayman Tisdale, NBA and NCAA legend passed away today after a battle with cancer. Tisdale, who was 44, played for the Oklahoma Sooners in college, and still holds the school's record for most points scored by a player through freshman & sophomore seasons. Wayman played for the Suns, Kings and Pacers over his 12 seasons in the league. He also won a gold medal on the 1984 USA Men's bball team that was coached by Bobby Knight. Wayman retired from the league in 1997 to focus on his musical career. He was a very talented gospel musician and released 8 albums from 1995-2008. Wayman was famous for his great smile. Those who knew him personally say he brought life and energy into everything he did. I recently saw a piece ESPN did on how he was adjusting to life as an amputee-Wayman lost part of his right leg in August of 2008 due to bone cancer. Wayman kept a smile on his face through it all, and never stopped fighting. Thoughts and prayers to the Tisdale family. The aforementioned piece in included in this post.

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