Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The best thing to happen since the season ended...

Last night, I witnessed the most entertaining thing I have ever seen on the internet. No, not 2 girls 1 cup, not Rapist jumping over a car, Stephon Marbury's 1st UStream live video chat. The 1st hour or so was a comedy of errors. Steph couldn't get the camera on his Mac to work, so all we had was sound, and a close-up of a UStream tech guy's face. As 200 or so folks watched and listened, Steph cracked jokes, yelled at people in his house and hummed songs. One of the best jokes was Steph saying, "Rondo will make a jumpshot before you fix this thing!" It was unscripted at it's best. For a while, we lost all audio and video, then, Steph gave up on the video feed and began to let us "have at it", as the stream was titled. Steph went on to answer questions like "how did your first game as a Celtic feel?" He went on to explain he was not sure what to expect-boos? Hate? He said when he got the standing o from the Garden crowd, it "felt like a million little kids jumped out of me!" He was asked his opinion on David Stern, to which he replied: "David Stern does his job the best that he can.." On not taking a shot during a crucial point in the playoffs vs the Bulls, he said his brother asked him; "are you scared? shoot that mo#$er fu%$er!" (the ball..). When asked about his experience with the Knicks, he said that "not playing for a year and a half killed me!". One of my personal favorite moments was when he told the audience that someone once told him his father "had D1 sperm." Meaning he and his brothers all went to Division 1 college bball programs-"D1 sperm"..classic! Asked about the Boston fans, "all Boston did was show me love.." At one point, he told listeners he had to take a 5-minute break so he could cut his maid a check, and he also impersonated us Bostonians a few times saying "wicked retahded!" It was truly a great night of humor, realness and truth. I really got the feeling from Marbury that he just wants to be understood, and struggles with the same things we all do. As far as next season goes, he seems to have narrowed it down to coming back to Boston (yes!!) or playing in Europe. He made it clear that he really enjoys Italy. Steph said on Twitter today that "Have At It" will air again and I for one can't wait! You can follow Stephon on Twitter here:

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  1. Sounds like a good show. I like him more and more.