Thursday, July 2, 2009

Need for 'Sheed...

With all the Rasheed Wallace talk floating around, here are some high and low lights of Mr. Wallace. According to numerous sources, the Celtics are pushing to add 'Sheed to their roster for the upcoming season...

1)Run-in with a Hornets' ballboy. (This was his 16th tech of the year which also brought an automatic suspension)
2)'Sheed tosses his jersey in anger and it lands on an assistant coach's face
3)Some of the good things he brings to the game.


  1. Welcome Sheed to the family friends!

  2. How do you show your twiiter postings on Banned and Dangerous?

    And to answer this question you do it on twitter. go into settings then account. put in the address of your blog. then click add twitter to your site. Our blog for whatever reason the co-blogger (Jonathan's) twitter page shows up as mine and mine doesn't show up at all.