Sunday, July 19, 2009

Starbury won't close the door, Daniels' tats...

Former Celtic Stephon Marbury has been Tweeting w/the fans quite a bit the last few days. Of note, a Tweet he posted today: "boston fans. for the record i will never close the door on the celtics. they were to good to me for me to do such a thing."
I'd love to see Steph back as the C's backup point guard, but as he Tweeted the other day, not being a starter was "a hard pill to swallow" for him. Only time will tell where Steph ends up. Last I heard, the Washington Wizards were looking at him.
As reported yesterday, the Celtics will be acquiring Marquis Daniels either thru a sign and trade or the $1.9 MIL exception. I noticed Marquis had some interesting tattoos and I posted a few pics. One is a giant map of Florida that covers his back and another a man shooting himself in the head with a shotgun. Pretty interesting stuff. Goodnite Celtics fans....

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