Saturday, July 25, 2009


So Stephon Marbury's 24 hour live feed on UStream concluded around 9am this morning. I have heard mostly positive feedback from fans about the whole thing, and some negative feedback from mostly media types. Personally, the whole UStream experience is amazing to me. As a kid, there was no access to pro athletes-none, zilch, zero. The security at arenas/stadiums pre 911 was a bit more laxed, so I had opportunities to meet a few athletes and get autographs and stuff, but as far as talking to them or exchanging messages, it didn't happen. Today, for example, I was able to chat with Cartier Martin, who plays for the Charlotte Bobcats. Not a big star, but still, on a Saturday afternoon, I was able to shoot the breeze with an NBA player from my couch-how freakin' cool is that. Mr. Martin, by the way, thinks Bill Walker (his teammate at KSU) is playing the "wrong position out there in Boston". He seems to think Walker should be a true 3 and not a 4. Walker didn't play much last year, but I thought I remembered him spelling Paul Pierce...Anyway, technology has gotten fans much closer to athletes, and I think it's just fabulous. Besides Starbury, quite a few other NBA'ers are on Twitter. Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard and Paul Pierce just to name a few. You can see all of them at:

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