Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer League $

I was disappointed when I found out the NBA was going to charge fans to watch the Vegas Summer League this year. Normally, NBA TV would broadcast the games free. This year, you can watch them via the Internet for $15. I know, I know..it's only $15. But still, c'mon, for Summer League games..? Well don't worry if you're broke. A little site called "Justin TV" allows you to watch all the games for free. You can get there by copying and pasting this link in your browser: http://atdhe.net/. The site also allows you to watch other sports, as well as network and cable tv shows on your computer. As far as Celtics news, there is not much new that I have heard. Big Baby is still supposedly being courted by Detroit and a few other teams, and many Celtics fans that I know (including me) would like to see Danny sign another wing-player. Specifically Matt Barnes. Mr. Barnes is a free-agent after spending last year in Phoenix. He is an aggressive defender and can spell Paul Pierce as a 3 and play the 4. My favorite C's website, RedsArmy.com, is reporting the Cavs have some interest in signing Barnes. I'd really like to see Ainge snatch up Mr. Barnes soon, as I have a feeling he will not be on the market much longer. Finally, I use "StatCounter"- a service that tells me who is visiting my blog and where they log-in from. It seems I have a fan in Santa Clara, California who visits alot. Unfortunately, he/she doesn't leave any comments. I'm glad to see my site getting hits from the West coast and would love to hear any/all opinions. So if you stop my blog, take a second to leave a comment-even if it's to say you think I suck. I'd rather some negative feedback than none at all. Peace out Celtics fans....

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