Thursday, September 17, 2009

AllProDrop live at Tabu in Orlando...

Here is a clip of AllProDrop and the Q6 Movement performing at Tabu nightclub in Orlando. The 1st two tracks I really dig: "In Love Wit Myself" and "Str8 Drop". Accompanying DROP onstage is none other than the newest Boston Celtic Marquis Daniels. The other tracks performed are "Swag For Sale" and "Rockin' My Chain". You can download the brand new mixtape DROP just posted online here:

You can also follow DROP on Twitter. He is under: ItzStr8Drop. I think DROP is very talented and has a certain swagger and personality that really attracts people to his persona. I feel he is really going to blow-up. Hip-hop today is watered-down in my opinion and if you don't have something that stands out and gets people's attention, you're not going to get far. DROP has that certain something.

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