Thursday, September 24, 2009

If you want puppy dogs, follow Myley Cyrus...

The Twitter craze has brought athletes "closer" to us than ever. Some athletes have even taken it up another notch by using "UStream" to film themselves at home, etc and broadcast it over the internet. In the last 24 hours, there was a situation where new Boston Celtic (YES!) Marquis Daniels was jokingly Tweeting about breeding dogs. One of his more gullible followers took it out of proportion and then went on to make a total ass of himself by making a comment about Marquis possibly liking "birds." Long story short, this nonsense made's TrueHoops section and was BLOWN-UP and it really shouldn't have been. I personally think this was just posted to try and gain readership. My point is this-we are fortunate that these athletes are letting us into their lives and sharing them with us. Let's just appreciate this fact and leave it at that. Granted, if someone is Tweeting about really inappropriate things or being disrespectful, then hey, maybe they should be confronted. But this was NOT the case with Marquis and in the time that I've been following him, that has NEVER been the case. Marquis has personally responded to many of my Tweets-matter of fact, Marquis has responded to more of my Tweets than any of the other NBA'ers/Celtics on Twitter. From what I see, he is a very lighthearted, family-orientated, down-to-earth guy. If athletes are Tweeting things that you don't like, then don't follow them. So from the Boston Celtic's fans that I know, we are sorry for the actions of this one fan Marquis. Welcome to Boston, and we are very glad to have you!

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