Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not tonight...

Just a really tough game to watch as a Celtics fan tonight as the Magic win 113-92. Bad calls, missed shots, Magic hitting 3's, resorting to "hack-a-Howard". What the hell? Well, the Celtics will now have to win a Game 6 on their home-floor on Friday to secure a trip to the NBA Finals. If not, then we would go back to Orlando for a Game 7 on Sunday. Am I worried? You're damn right I am. Things have changed dramatically in this series. The Celtics went from up 3-0, with  a battered, defeated Magic team on the ropes, to up 3-2, now facing a Magic team with a renewed confidence. Tonight's game just didn't feel right from the start. The Celts seemed a bit flat, and the Magic came out full of energy in front of their home crowd. The turning point, Kendrick Perkins gets ejected for his 2nd technical-foul in the 2nd by an animated Joey Crawford. A call that even the ESPN commentators called terrible.

Everything clicked for the Magic tonight: they hit their 3's, transition offense, good D and they out rebounded us. This was just a nightmare night for me as a Celtic fan: Glen Davis & Quisy both get hurt with concussions, Rondo seems to be bothered by his nagging injuries and he gets in early foul-trouble. Just a bad night for the C's. I have faith in my boys though. They will need incredible heart and toughness to win at home on Friday, especially with momentum swinging Orlando's way, but I know they can do it. Tip-off on Friday will be at 8:30-pm. I don't have a ticket, so I'll be watching from home.

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  1. Not Joey Crawford (Eddie Roush I believe is the guilty party), though Crawford did interject himself into a normal, calm discussion Rondo was having with another referee for the express purpose of T'ing up Rondo.