Tuesday, May 4, 2010

These boots are made for walkin'...

Despite a scare in the 4th quarter, the C's hold on to beat the Cavs tonight 104-86 in Cleveland. The best-of-seven series is now tied at 1 game each. I was texting back and forth with alot of fans/friends, and we all geared up for the worst as the Cavs scored 15 straight in the 3rd and closed to within 10 points. But Doc Rivers called 2 quick timeouts and got the C's centered again. Rondo said after the game that at that point, they were just trying to eat up clock. That was exactly my thought-it looked like they tensed up and were playing not to lose instead of trying to win. That's what is great about this club-they are a veteran team with alot of playoff experience. The Cavs, Hawks and Magic may have more youth and athleticism than the Celtics, but these guys know what it is to play in big games and hostile arenas and come out with a victory. Speaking of that, how lame was it for Cavs fans to throw stuff on the court tonight and boo their team in a playoff game? Unreal.
Back to the good guys: Ray led the C's in scoring tonight with 22 points and Rondo was again the fantastic playmaker-he dished out 19 assists (ties a team playoff record) scored 13 points and grabbed 4 boards. Rasheed Wallace, who has been the target of many a fan's angst this year, scored 17 huge points off the bench tonight-something no bench player did in Game 1. An obviously off Lebron led the Cavs with 24. Pretty funny how a guy scores 24 on an "off" night. It got very old listening to Marv Albert and Reggie Miller going on and on about his elbow, and was he hurt, etc, etc. The Cavs are going to have to find other ways to win if this elbow injury is going to hamper James throughout this series. So now the Celtics have 3 days off before Game 3 in Boston on Friday night. Tip-off is at 7pm, and you know the Garden is going to be rocking! As of right now, I only have a ticket for Sunday's Game 4, but I hope to finagle something to get to the Garden on Friday also. Check out this clip of The Queen travelling-it's so obvious, the TNT tv crew calls it, and the Cavs' public-address people play "These Boots Are Made For Walking" over the arena's loudspeakers! Pathetic. Doc's reaction is hilarious too..

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