Tuesday, April 28, 2009


That is the only way to describe this series, tonight's game, the play of numerous players on both teams. Unreal. A basketball fan's dream. The C's are up 2 in OT right now with 3.6 left after another heroic shot by The Truth. I have to get up at 5am for work, so to be continued tomorrow....


  1. Oh man what a game! Seriously what.a.game! Paul Pierce, you knows he the TRUTH baby!!!

    I was standing 2 feet from my TV all thru the last and OT, just screaming at nothing in particular. What a goddamn win!

  2. I don't know how many more games I can take!! I'm hoping the Celtics wrap it up tomorrow night. I'm expecting the Bulls to come out fired up and looking to lay some hard fouls. I just hope that the refs don't let the game get out of hand.

    Perk...0 fouls!!! Now if only Mikki Moore can catch a break.