Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I can't call it..

I told alot of people at work today: "The Pistons are a really bad team. We'll win tonight." So much for that thought. Watching tonight's game was utterly frustrating. For some reason more so than the last two. The Celtics seemed in control for much of the 1st half, were attacking the rim (16-0 in fastbreak points for the 1st 2 quarters-more on that stat later) and playing good defense. But the Pistons grabbed a little momentum towards the end of the 2nd quarter-ending with Austin Daye's made 3 at the buzzer. Then, as they have the last 2 games, things fell apart in the 2nd half. Settling for jumpers, lack of focus, but most importantly, turnovers-18 total, and I believe 11 of those were in the second half. Remember how we had 16 fastbreak pts. to their 0 after 2 quarters? Final tally: C's 44 Detroit 40. The Pistons scored 40 of their 44 2nd half points in the paint. The Celtics will have to dig deep to find out what is causing these mental/emotional lapses. Oh yeah, one more stat for ya: Celtics were outrebounded on the offensive glass 13-5 tonight. Next up, the Blazers at home on Friday. Tip-off is at 7:30pm...

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  1. Upsetting to say the least. The C's looked completely dazed and confused. Out of gas again and shocked about it. Doc better be tearin shit up in that locker room bc this was just plain humiliating tonight!