Saturday, January 9, 2010

Where's Walker.....?

It seemed like the C's were in control during much of the 1st half of last night's game vs the Hawks in Atlanta. But the Green collapsed in the 2nd half, going down 93-85. Paul Pierce led all scorers with 21, but it was Jamal Crawford and his 18 off the bench that sparked the Hawks to a 54-40 edge in the 2nd half.
My observations: Can't blame Rajon-the kid played 50 minutes in Miami (with a sore hamstring) and threw his body all over the floor all night. Then Doc plays him for another 40+? But, not Doc's fault either. We had no T.A. and no Marquis. The latter more important in my eyes. Quis is a great spark off the bench and has a knack for finding the basket. We really need him back on that 2nd unit to spell Pierce and Ray. Also, I thought that the C's settled for way too many jumpers in the 2nd half-hitting alot of 3's in the 1st half gave them a false sense of not needing to get to the rack in the 3rd/4th quarter. Also, and here's my biggest gripe..WHY ISN'T DOC PLAYING BILL WALKER? Especially last night. Atlanta is a team that kills us on the offensive glass alot of times and also a far more athletic team than us. So we put Scal and Shel in? No offense Shelden or Scal, but Walker could've brought some much needed speed, agility and athleticism last night. Why the hell put Scal in? Doc's answer would probably be that Scal knows all the plays/sets better, but that is getting old. The "SCAL-A-BRINE" chants at the Garden are not funny, and this guy needs to go in my opinion. Let's fill that roster spot with a pure PG or young, athletic PF. PLEASE. The Celts are off today and face the Raps tomorrow in Toronto. Tip-off is at 1pm...

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  1. i agree. Walker is WAY too good to just be gettin bench splinters. I love him in Boston, but if they're not gonna play him, they might as well trade him, because he deserves minutes.