Sunday, June 13, 2010

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Today was a frustrating day for me. I tried and tried and tried to find an affordable ticket for tonight, but could not. But all of that is now forgotten as the Celtics beat a confused-looking Lakers team 92-86 tonight at the Garden. Kobe Bryant scored 38 points, but had no help from his teammates. Ray and Tony Allen both did a tremendous job of defending #24, and made most of his points hard-earned. The Celtics also turned the tables on the Lakers getting 7 blocked-shots to L.A.'s 1. LA had been blocking shots in record numbers early in this series. It was intense defense, wonderful teamwork, and Paul Pierce finally having a good scoring night (27) that got this win for the C's. Rondo was also fantastic again, putting together another amazing display of scoring, passing, rebounding and hustle. He finished with 18 pts, 8 assists, 5 boards, a steal and a block. Not to be forgotten of course is also another great night from the bench. Davis, Robinson and company did put up huge numbers, but they all made some clutch baskets and plays when needed. Great play on both ends of the ball tonight, and a great effort by the home-crowd (the building was raucous!) have put the C's just 1 win away from an  NBA title.

After all we have been through this year as fans, how satisfying would it be to clinch Banner18 on the floor of the Staples Center...?? But we still have work to be done. The Lakers fans will be ready on Tuesday night, and the C's can bet that Phil Jackson will be on his team for playing so poorly around Bryant. The other starting 4 for a combined 12-36 from the floor. So the C's are now off to L.A. Tip-off on Tuesday night is at 9pm...


  1. In the third quarter when everybody in purple was standing around watching Kobe play 1-5 as scary as him not missing seemed I was really pleased with how the game was going. If it's Kobe on 5 i'll take that all the time.

    I don't know that Boston has played a really good game yet. maybe that's due to LA. Two pretty even teams you aren't going to look like you look plating the Nets. of course in Boston's case that is prolly a good thing since they looked pretty shitty playing the Nets.

    One more.

  2. By the way Count, thx for being a consistent commenter all year-appreciate the support.