Friday, June 11, 2010

More from last night...

So I'm just home from work. I don't recommend working an 8-hour shift after being up almost 24 hours straight. But it was completely worth it. My night started off ok yesterday evening. I got to the Garden at 6:45pm and waited in the rain with the rest of the "Legends" pass-holders. For those who don't know, season-ticket holders can buy an exclusive membership to the Legends Club-a high-end bar and restaurant inside the TD Garden. The best part of having the passes is access to the Garden 2 hours prior to gametime and one hour before he general public. I walked in the arena to find a gaggle of media, tech-people, celebrities, athletes and fans. James Goldstein was down by the Celtics bench talking with Scal. Marc Spears, Cedric Maxwell and Dana Barros were engaged in conversation near the Lakers bench and during the game I spotted numerous celebs and athletes including Maria Menounos, Magic Johnson, Chris Dudley, Steve Smith and Bill Walton to name a few. I went over to my seat around 8:30pm and spotted Vic the Brick, who is the wacky Lakers reporter that people in L.A. just love. Many a Lakers fan came over to either hug him, give him dap, or ask for a picture. I also met 5 totally crazy Lakers fans that came all the way to the 617 from L.A. for the game.

Once the game started, the atmosphere got even better-the fans in attendance, including myself, were loud, wild, hostile and determined to do anything possible to deter the Lakers and motivate the Celtics. There was everything from the standard "Beat LA!" chants to calling Gasol a "llama" and a "flopper" and some incredibly loud "let's go Celtics: clap, clap, clap-clap-clap" salvos. I heard people sighing and cursing at some of the C's missed free-throws and also gasps at the way Kobe was burying the 3-ball.
But by-far, the loudest. most exciting sequence all night was of course the Glen Davis and-one. I jumped up in the air and screamed so loud, I strained my ribs and blew blood-vessels in my face. I watched the whole sequence when I got home, and it just eptomizes Celtics-Lakers. The Rondo steal during the last minute was also thrilling, but the Big Baby Drool-a-thon was phenomenal.

After the game was over, I was invited by a friend of mine, Corey to wait outside the locker room in the friends and family area. There I got to catch up with the guys from, and congratulate Perk, Nate and Big Baby on winning Game 4. It was amazing to walk out into the player's parking lot with all the fans pushed up against the fence screaming at the players and yelling "beat L.A.!" It was also very cool to see the incredible Maybach that Rondo drives. Easily the sickest ride I've ever seen up-close.

So now we have one more game in Boston. This will be the last basketball we see at the Garden until October. Let's hope the C's can get the win on Sunday and head into L.A. with 2 chances to clinch Banner18. The ticket prices are ridiculously high, but I'm gonna do whatever I can to be there. I know the crowd will just as, if not more, fired-up. Enjoy your weekend everyone, and GO CELTICS.
(here is the incredible sequence where Farmar goes down hard, and Davis gets the bucket and the foul)


  1. Nice post Jamey, Sunday is going to be incredible. Hope you make it, I'll be there. Hope to see you... Banner 18 So Close!!!

  2. Thanks David! Hope to get to meet up with you. I'm currently trying to find an affordable ticket. Have a great time at the game tomorrow night!