Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It will all come down to 1 game..

You just knew the Lakers were not going to roll-over on their home floor-didn't you? But I did not expect this. Celtics fall in shocking fashion to L.A. tonight, 89-67. It was all Lakers, all the time. Lakers defense was tight, Lakers won the rebounding battle, yada, yada, yada. Here are the stats if you care: C's-Lakers Game 6 boxscore I was just as excited as everyone else today, and wanted to celebrate tonight, but I got pretty pissed when people started publicly talking about "parades", "trophies" and "cigars". You just can never count out the defending champs on their home floor. But I did think the C's would come out with a bit more fire than they did. To add insult to injury, Kendrick Perkins went down in the 1st half with what the C's are calling a sprained knee. My thoughts and hopes are with big Ken and his family tonight. Hope he is ok and the injury is not too serious.

So now it comes down to what I and many others thought it would- a Game 7 for all the marbles. I can hardly stand it and the anxiety and stress will be tough. But their is one thing about our Celtics that gives me alot of hope-they are resilient. They have bounced back from games like this all postseason and played well.
This team has been through the ringer this season: injuries, trade rumors, fans booing them at home, bandwagon jumpers, doubters, media-hate, and the list goes on. These men have through too much to give up now. I have 100% faith that they will come out ready to go and ready to bring the O'Brien trophy back to Boston. Keep the faith CelticNation-do not give up on our guys when they need us most...
Tip-off on Thursday will be at 9pm.....

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