Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Snuffed out....

Celtics kept fighting all throughout the 4th quarter tonight, but the Lakers, particularly Derek Fisher, kept hitting their shots. The C's really needed some shots to fall tonight, and they didn't. They went from lighting it up from three-point land in Game 2 to going 2 of 15 from beyond the arc tonight. Kevin Garnett came out fired-up from the opening tip-hitting jump shots, connecting on alley-oop dunks and in the post. He led the C's tonight with 25 points. The other starting 4 for the Green combined for 31 points. Fisher's 4th quarter play was huge, and along with some tough interior defense and 29 points from Kobe Bryant, the Lakers beat the Celts 91-84 tonight at the Garden.

The Garden crowd was really intense tonight. Even though I watched from home tonight, it was very evident that the building was rocking. I will be at Game 4 on Thursday and expect nothing less. Speaking of Game 4, I will be doing a live pregame show with Nick & Brandon from Celtics Late Night Show. They will have me live on air calling from the Garden at 7:30pm. You can check it out here: PreGameW/KWAPT
Keep your heads up CelticNation-this is going to be a tough series. But I have faith....

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  1. I let my temper get the better of me and I got in to a pissing contest with some idiot on Red's Army named "perfuse" One of the Keyboard tough guys that would shat themselves all over if you ran up behind them and yelled boo.

    Anyway as for the game it's only game 3 and Boston always plays better when they are playing as an underdog. I am not giving up hope at all.