Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Do you believe.....?

So here we are-less than 24 hours away from Game 1 of the 2010 NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics & Los Angeles Lakers. A roller coaster ride of a season has ended, we have defied the critics thus far in the postseason, and now we stand 4 wins away from Banner18. This has been a special season for me. I learned alot about resilience, passion, pride and hope from these Celtics. When I wanted to give up on these Celtics, they gave me reasons to stick by them. When I got too cocky, they showed me humbleness. When I was frustrated and wanted to boo them, I quietly waited-thinking to myself, "they'll pull through this." And they did. I listened to alot of boos, criticism, blaming and doubt from fans at the Garden all year. But the diehards, the real Celtics fans, we never gave up.

Did we get discouraged? Of course. Were we angry? Damn right. But we stuck with the team, and didn't abandon them. And now they have rewarded us. They have given us reason to root for them with everything we've got. They have showed us the true meaning of teamwork. They have given us reason to scream our lungs out, jump up and down, paint our faces, yell "Beat L.A.!" and most of all, believe. They have given us reason to believe. To believe that they can once again raise a banner to the top of those rafters at the Garden. I believe tonight folks. I really do. Do you?

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