Saturday, October 2, 2010

Preseason play creeps closer..

Not much news on the Celtics front today-camp ended, and now the guys will start preparing for preseason action. The first match-up will be with the Sixers this Wednesday night in N.H. One thing that has been getting myself and other C's fans guardedly optimistic is Doc's raving about KG. Here is what he had to say about Ticket today via

Today he was, at one point, unguardable. We were laughing with him today – if we had that post game that he gave us today all year last year, we would have been just a remarkable basketball team. But that’s where you can see it’s finally – the confidence part; last year I don’t think he ever had the confidence to go [post up], we didn’t go to the post to him much anymore because he just didn’t like it down there. This year he wants it down there, and he’s being effective.” 

The only real siginificant news of the day was that the C's cut local kid Tony Gaffney right before practice. Gaffney is a hard-working kid with alot of heart, and I'm sure he will find his way on at the very least an NBDL roster this upcoming season.

Here are a couple of clips from Chris Forsberg's YouTube page. KG and Doc talking about the end of another training camp and more..

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