Thursday, February 26, 2009

93-91 Clippers take advantage of turnovers

Celts fall by 2 to Clippers tonight. The game fittingly on the Celtics 20th turnover of the night. This was a gift we gave to the LA Clippers and their fans tonight. The Celtics are obviously a tired bunch, and will be glad to get back home. They have been on the road now since before the all-star break. Next game is Friday vs the Pacers at the Garden. Tip-off is at 7:30pm. I added a brief slideshow of photos I took from various C's games I went to over the last 2 years-it's in the top right corner. Good Night, or rather Good Morning Celtics fans...


  1. no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is depressing.

  2. so i was thinking that it would be a lot more fun doing my blog if there were more people contributing to the site. so do you wanna join my site? you could still do BANNER 18? if you wanted to. I like your writing, you know a lot about the NBA (especially the Celts) and I just think it would be better than doing it all by myself. right now, HIBACHI 2.0 is the best and most popular basketball blog around, but if me and you team up, we could dominate. let me know.

    and who do think will win in the games tonight? I think the cavs and lakers should take care of business. if the rockets and suns both somehow won, that would make things difficult for my blazers.

  3. I.m going to leave a post on your blog...