Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Strained muscle.."

After an MRI, Celtics staff member Jeff Twiss says Dr. Brian McKeon diagnosed KG with a "strained muscle" behind his right knee. The team says Garnett will be out 2-3 weeks.If he is out for the longer prognosis,that would put him back in uniform around March 14th. The general feeling on the internet and other media outlets is that other players will need to "step-up". Those "other players", according to ESPN's Jon Barry, who I find to know what he is talking about, are Leon Powe and Glen Davis. Between those two, Scalabrine and whoever Ainge can sign, the Celtics will need to fill the void left by KG. Not only is the NBA's reigning Defensive Player of the Year a physical presence on the court, he brings ALOT of emotion every night. One of the things alot of Celtics fans look forward to at each home game is his point up to the balcony and chest thump right before tip each game. This guy is the battery that powers the Green Machine. I have confidence that this squad will respond well-they have all year,and did last year as well. I have included a link to a great story I stumbled upon. It was written in 1997 by Ellen Tomson, staff writer for the St. Paul (Minnesota) Pioneer Press. It is about KG, and features his rise to stardom, some tidbits about his family, and the monster contract he signed for 6 years and $125 million dollars shortly before the story was written. Click the link, which you will see under my blog's title to the right. Celts tip-off against the Suns at 2:30pm tomorrow...

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