Friday, February 27, 2009

Steph is in the building

Stephon Marbury played pretty well for a guy who hasn't seen NBA action in about a year. In 12 minutes of action, Marbury had 8 points, 2 assists, 1 board and 1 steal. Marbury 1st saw action in the closing minute of the 1st quarter. He was greeted to cheers and most people in the Garden stood. Ray Allen continued to pick up the slack with KG out. Ray had 30 pts and hit 6 three's. Glen Davis chipped in 18 to help the C's to a 104-99 victory tonight. The C's play next on Sunday vs Detroit. Tip-off is at 1pm. Goodnite Celtics fans....


  1. I like a celtics bench of starbury, eddie, Mikki, powe/davis, and pierce/allen much better than the makeshift bench Doc was using a month ago.

  2. You forgot Rondo's 17 assists. Jamey! UNACCEPTABLE.

  3. bad! And I know to such a Rondo fan like you that hurts! I got caught up in the Starbury whirlwind..good point Moose. Thanks for visiting too! Me and Collin are going to collab on his blog starting next week as well..