Thursday, February 19, 2009


Many Celts fans, including myself are pretty confused about today's trades/releases/whatevers that happened. Originally, it was reported that POB was traded to the Kings for another draft pick, a la Sam Cassell. Then, that was quickly retracted and it was changed to POB traded to Toronto for Will Solomon. NOW I'm hearing POB was traded to Toronto, but for another draft pick. Hopefully things will become clearer in the next 48 hours or so. Basically it appears Danny Ainge and C's management are clearing roster space in the hopes of signing a big man, or 2 guard that can get some buckets. Celtics face off with the Utah Jazz tonight at Energy Solutions Arena. Tip-off is at..ugh...10:30pm....


  1. yeah, I'm a little confused too, but either way the Celts are not getting or losing much. I really wish they could have added marbury or something like that, but there is always the offseason to do that. and the celts are winnin another championship this season anyway.

  2. sucks that the celts lost. you already noticed that my site has a new look, but it has a new title and url too: just thought you would want to know, cause if you still want to follow my blog, the old address no longer works. have a nece weekend. go celts ( and blazers )!